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The TSA and airlines are so unreasonably strict when it comes to firearms. Do you all have any idea how ridiculous it is? All these rules and guidelines for how you can carry your firearms and ammunition and where they can go and how they must be stowed. Hmph. Right to bear arms -- except on an airplane to a foreign country where you are definitely going to need them. Yes. Of course. What, did any of you think there was HALF a chance I'd go chasing Enjolras in a jungle without my trusty Maxime and Antoine?

I hadn't really wanted to check any luggage so that we could get going straight off the plane. But I suppose I had better. The rest of the packing process should be fairly simple: a heavy-duty backpack suitable for the jungle, nothing unnecessary.

What are you all up to, in that department?
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Enjolras, if you're out there, you need to find a way to reach us.

Or Courfeyrac, Bahorel, and I -- and probably others -- are coming to find you.

I need you back with me.
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Does anyone know how to -- or know anyone else who knows how to -- calculate flight paths?
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Still single at the moment. I believe someone was wondering and now I've clarified.

Have also learned, quite thoroughly, why I wasn't allowed to take 18 credits and still be a TA this term. Sometimes it isn't simply a matter of oppression, after all.

Hi all.
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Today was not a good day. I don't want to talk about the terrible phone calls. I just want to go shoot something.

Would anyone like to come with me to the gun club and shoot things with me? Enjolras?
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Apartment: 217

Complaint: (be as specific as possible)
Late at night, near 2:30 am, another of the tenants was spotted attempting to break into our apartment. Attached is a web cam photo of the would-be intruder. A report will be subsequently filed with the local police station.
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Did you know that Buddhists in Tibet don't bury their dead underground? I suppose here in the West we have this ingrained practise of digging a hole and throwing the bodies of our dead into them, and it's been that way since time immemorial. Yet in Tibet they don't do that. They believe that birds of prey carry souls to heaven, and so they leave their corpses up high on mountains or other high places to be feasted on by vultures and the like. It's called a sky burial. It's not really a burial at all, but it is an intriguing concept. After all the body after death is merely a hollow shell -- the soul has already flown, and what more apt than flying creatures disposing of the corpse?

We are so obsessed with leaving something behind after we die. Look at the many thousands of cemeteries -- millions, even. Almost every church has one, and there are military cemeteries, and non-religious civilian cemeteries. We all like the idea of some other human walking by and reading our names, and maybe even wondering what kind of people we were. Egyptians and their pyramids; the countless ornate crypts and mausoleums built by rich and powerful families throughout the years; the elaborate rituals of funerals and burials to remember the dead. And yet... think of Tibet. The body gets left out on some desolate peak and forgotten.

Oh, you may remind me of cremation. Have yourself cremated -- there won't be a bit of rock with your name carved on it then. Yet there's a wonderful business on urns, in which people keep their loved ones' ashes. Some put them in crypts, and there's the bit of rock all over again; some keep the urn in their house to feel like their dead loved one is still there; and others say to let their ashes be scattered over some famous monument or park or body of water.

I know the arguments and reasons for burial and cremation, especially considering the disease and rot and stench that corpses bring. Don't think I can ever forget the stink of death. But ah, we humans are just so obsessed with being immortal, and that knowing our bodies cannot live on forever we still try to make our names or our achievements or our leavings recall us to future beings in some way.

How many bodies have I left behind? Four, if my memories are serving me. Where are all those bodies? My first body, how do I know where it is buried? Did the National Guard bother to let my family collect my body in 1832? or am I bones in some common grave somewhere? Did my other lives end with my bones under a bit of marble somewhere? That would be an interesting field trip to take: visiting all my graves.
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Death. An old and familiar friend. Or perhaps foe. Either way I'm well acquainted with death, dying, and the dead -- in past lives and in this one. One never becomes accustomed to death, however, and I'm hard pressed to say whether one's own or other's deaths are harder to bear. Perhaps the deaths of others, since the pain of mourning is deeper than most other pains I've known.

Without delving into many details, since the details aren't my own and I've not been given permission to speak of the details, here is the reason for my morose moods these days.
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And here I am, lying on the sofa and finishing off a few of the bottles of wine Grantaire kindly passed on to me.
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Things haven't gotten much better. I--am afraid they aren't going to get better, now, not after the news I just received.

Enjolras, I'll be back home tomorrow morning. You know how to find me if you need me. Please don't be alarmed: I am safe and healthy and not in any trouble. This is--about someone else.
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Enjolras had asked about the other things that I remember ... I seem to have remembered earliest of all of us.

One of the first memories I got back, however, was not of our original lives, as the Friends of the ABC ... but a lifetime that came after that.

A sad story )
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While Enjolras was gone yesterday I made a trip to the hardware store and picked up some supplies. Not to bore you with the details, but the back door to the balcony is now (more or less!) permanently shut with no way to accidentally open it. It would be the work of about an hour to unseal the door, however, once the balcony's been rebuilt. I don't quite fancy having to pull anyone back through the window after they've fallen off the balcony again. I'm sure Enjolras could remove my rig himself, but he'll have to think about that before doing it so he won't be accidentally falling this time. At least, I certainly hope not.

Have not seen hide nor hair of Enjolras since he came in, all muddy and a mess.

I'd offer to lend a hand or help, but likely he'll just go to Grantaire for that, so I suppose there's no point in offering. I wonder when he's going to move into R's apartment. It must be soon considering he seems to spend more time there than here. But, Enjolras, if you do read this, I am here if you need me.

Much to do today, so I'm out for awhile.

Oh, but I did get extra supplies from the hardware store, and have subsequently put a proper lock on my bedroom door. I don't need anyone getting onto my computer system. Especially not Gavroche.
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All about Napoleon!

It turns out, Marius, that Napoleon lost because of ... hemorrhoids. I confess that's not something we had heard back in those days when we first met...

100+ interesting and controversial facts about Bonaparte

Mysteries & Secrets: Napoleon

And, finally: Where Bonaparte's penis really is:

I hope you find these enjoyable, Marius. :)
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Spent the morning talking to Chandler. Going to spend most of Tuesday with him, but he's out of town until then.

And then I got to rescue Enjolras from his broken balcony. He was hanging by one hand and texting on his phone with the other. I... don't even know what to say to that, but suffice it to say the balcony is now all but destroyed and he is safely back inside. I'm tempted to put a deadlock on the balcony door after he leaves for Grantaire's meeting tonight just so he doesn't try to go back out there again.

Enjolras, you want to go to the movies tomorrow?
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Will be home late in the morning tomorrow. :)
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I have a date tomorrow night. And I'm nervous.

Not about the date, of course: he's lovely and pretty and witty and clever and all of that. We were talking at a meeting today and he wants to join me in student government. So we're going to have coffee and all of that.

And I didn't think it was a date at first except then he kissed me, so I'm pretty sure it's a date.

I'm only nervous about this because I think he and I will end up competing for the same office in student government, and boy, wouldn't that be awkward.


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